FAITH Forward

Faith Forward

Since its inception Faith Christian Academy has made focusing on students its top priority. Now, after 20 years of providing quality education, the time has come to build. With preliminary drawings complete, site engineering in its final stages and a land lease from Living Waters World Outreach Center in place, “FAITH Forward” is here.



With both excellence and efficiency in mind, our Phase 1 Multi-function Building will provide quality educational space while minimizing overall cost. Included in the project are a 40,000 square foot building, a Phase 2 gymnasium with cafeteria, athletic fields and a community based outreach center. The total cost of Phase 1 is estimated at 4.2 million dollars with a 1.2 million dollar commitment already in place from Living Waters World Outreach Center.

Multi-ethnic elementary or middle school students in school gym with coach playing basketball.


With 43 acres just waiting to be developed, Faith Christian Academy looks forward to offering a physical fitness program equal to that of its spiritual and academic accomplishments. From basketball, football, volleyball, and track, to baseball, tennis, golf, and aquatics, each student is sure to find a physical outlet suited to a healthy life and productive future.

In addition, the centrally located campus will provide an ideal spot for interscholastic, individual, and team sports for the entire community.

Middle school students in a classroom.

Instructional Technologies

Empowering students through the use of technology is essential in our fast paced, rapidly changing world. By providing every student with state of the art technological tools, they will experience a dynamic learning environment and enhanced opportunities for their future.

Regardless of the career path they choose, our goal is for every student at FCA to have the skills necessary to excel in a high tech world.


Technical Training

For the first time ever, the number of U.S citizens 25 years and older to hold a bachelor’s degree exceeded the 30 percent mark. With a majority of U.S. citizens choosing alternate career paths, FCA looks to provide rigorous college prep courses and quality technical training for each student so inclined. By collaborating with local business and industries, both apprenticeship and internship opportunities will allow FCA students a firsthand chance to explore various career options.



Highlighting the Judeo/Christian positive influences in the advancement of philosophy, music, the arts, mathematics, sciences and history, FCA is determined to foster a love for the things that touch the heart, inspire the spirit, and release the creative genius of God within each of us.

By providing a Biblical worldview and a Christ centered foundation, students will be able to defend what they believe in an intelligent and experiential way.