Fine Arts

Fine Arts

FCA students are encouraged to participate in our fine arts program. Offerings range from developing skills in music and drama to visual arts. As educators, we firmly believe in our mission to develop the whole student. Our fine arts program does that by complementing the academic and spiritual education at the academy. Our students perform and display their skills at local churches, our community, and the region at large.


Lower School Chorus

Students in Grades 1 through 5 participate in this fun-filled, exciting and instructional music program that not only enhances the student’s intellectual growth but effectively builds self-esteem. Music is pleasing to our Lord and gives Him praise along with providing a joyful Christian outreach in our community.

Music Theory and Appreciation

Grades 1-5

In our Music Theory and Appreciation classes, students grades 1-5 will learn how to read and understand musical notation. Students will also study the works and lives of American and European contemporary and classical composers.

Upper School Chorus

Students in Grade 6 - Grade 10

Students will demonstrate their skills by performing in class productions and performances throughout our community.

Upper School Musical Theater

Given FCA’s faithful commitment to the performing arts, a challenging and highly engaging class is offered to students that combines theater and music.

Students will learn about dramatic theater and basic acting culminating with an annual musical production in the spring. This course is designed for students who enjoy performing vocally. The class is limited to 25 students.