The 15,000 Hour Decision

Why Christian Education? Worth it!

Why is it that Christian parents agonize over the decision of which church to attend as a family, often coming down to the one that has the best youth group or children’s ministry, yet spend very little time considering alternatives to the “free” neighborhood school?

It is God’s desire that all His children be educated in accordance with His truth. Most Christian parents would never consider attending a church whose teachings are not consistent with their deeply held values and beliefs. Yet these same parents often send their children to a government school founded on a secular philosophy that at best removes God and His Word from instruction and at worst teaches content diametrically opposed to the truth of the Bible. Is it any wonder that most of these children graduate with a secular worldview?

Considering the fact that children spend over 15,000 hours in school from kindergarten through twelfth grade, doesn’t it make sense for parents to send their children to a school that will thoroughly prepare them for the
purpose for which God has created them?

Ultimately, the role of Christian parents is one of stewardship. Our children do not really belong to us. They belong to their Father in heaven, and He has entrusted His children to our care for a short time. The job of Christian parents, then, is to ensure that all God’s children become thoroughly prepared, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

But as Christian parents we must step back and take a 10,000-year view for our children and grandchildren. Christian schools, working hand-in-hand with Christian families and Bible-believing churches, must prepare
children for this life … and the life to come. That is why I believe the choice to enroll children from cradle to grave in Christian schools is an investment that is truly worth it!

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Excerpts from Worth It: The 15,000-Hour Decision by Brian S. Simmons, President, Association of Christian Schools International