Upper School

Upper School - Grades 6 to 12

Faith, Character, Academic Excellence



At Faith Christian Academy's Upper School, we offer a vibrant array of activities that enrich our student's spiritual journey and academic experience:

  1. Bible Course Every Grade: Our comprehensive Bible curriculum ensures that students in every grade engage deeply with Scripture, developing a strong foundation in their faith.
  2. Biblical Integration and Prayer in Every Class: We integrate Biblical principles into all subjects, fostering a holistic approach to education. Prayer is a central part of our classroom culture, guiding students in their daily learning and decision-making.
  3. Daily Devotionals in Homeroom: Each day begins with devotionals in homeroom, providing students with moments of reflection and spiritual growth as they start their day.
  4. Weekly Chapel with Campus Pastor Eric Snow: Our weekly chapel sessions are uplifting and inspiring, featuring worship led by talented musicians and a message from our dedicated Campus Pastor, Eric Snow.
  5. Small Groups After Chapel: Immediately following chapel, students participate in small groups to process the message, engage in discussions, and build deeper connections with their peers.
  6. Opportunities for Faith Sharing Through Service: Students have the chance to live out their faith by participating in community service projects, sharing God's love with others through meaningful actions.
  7. Yearly Mission Trip for Juniors and Seniors: Our Juniors and Seniors embark on a transformative yearly Mission trip, where they put their faith into action, serve communities in need, and grow in their understanding of global issues and Christian outreach.

At Faith Christian Academy, we believe in nurturing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—and preparing our students to make a positive impact for Christ in their communities and the world.


Academic Excellence

At Faith Christian Academy's Upper School, we prioritize academic excellence, along with faith and character development. Our fully accredited Christian school offers a comprehensive range of core courses including Bible, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education rooted in faith. In our middle school program, students also participate in our unique Wheel of Electives, an innovative program that exposes them to a variety of subjects each quarter, allowing them to explore their interests and develop a broad range of skills.

As students progress into high school, they have the opportunity to delve deeper into their academic pursuits. Honors-level math courses are available starting in 8th grade, preparing students for the challenges of AP Calculus and beyond. Our high school curriculum not only meets all Florida Graduation requirements but also goes beyond, offering Dual Enrollment options for eligible students. This dual approach to education—academic excellence coupled with a strong foundation in faith—prepares our students not just for college or career but also for a life of purpose and service in whatever path the Lord has in store for them.

Welcome to Faith Christian Academy's Upper School, where students in grades 6th through 12th embark on a journey of faith, character development, and academic excellence! At FCA, we believe in engaging our students' faith, nurturing their character, and empowering them to pursue a spirit of excellence in all areas of their lives.

Our curriculum goes beyond academics by incorporating faith-building habits and fostering a Biblical worldview in every class. We are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to live out their faith not just within our school walls but also at home, in their communities, and in the world.

Upper School Chapel


Faith Christian Academy's Upper School is dedicated to nurturing strong character in our students, recognizing its pivotal role in personal and academic success. We instill values of integrity, compassion, unity, perseverance, and leadership through various initiatives that encourage character growth.

One cornerstone of our approach is promoting servant leadership. We believe in leading by serving others and empowering students through service projects, leadership courses, and mentorship opportunities. Our annual Go Week is a highlight, providing opportunities for students learning from people serving in ministry or the mission field and culminating with a day that engages our students in service around our community.

Through intentional initiatives, extracurricular activities, and a supportive environment, we cultivate character traits essential for success in their faith, preparing them for college, career, and life. At Faith Christian Academy's Upper School, character development isn't just taught; it's lived out daily, shaping students into compassionate leaders ready to make a positive impact on the world



The Upper School is located on the campus of New Life Baptist Church, about 1 1/2 miles from the Lower School.


464067 State Road 200
Yulee, FL 32097